10 self care tips for everyday living.

10 self care tips for everyday living.

10 self care tips for everyday living is much more than sit a bath and have a soak for a bit. Which by the way is a great way to relax and chill if that is your thing. However, many of us don’t have the time or inclination to do that. Plus rose petals block up your plug hole and that adds to stress when you get out the bath! Lol.

So we wanted to give you some self care tips that can help anytime, anyplace, anywhere (that’s an old advert!) no soaking needed.

  1. Look out of a window. Does not cost you anything, and does not matter which window it is. Spend at least 5 minutes just staring out of it. You know when you were a kid and day dreamed in class. We want you to do that by looking out of a window. It is almost a meditative state without sitting crossed leg and omming.
  2. Catch yourself when you are talking shite about yourself. When that negative nelly in your head is giving you a hard time, notice and ask yourself if it is actually true or not.
  3. Ask 3 of your closest friends why they are friends with you. Write it down somewhere you can see it. And when you are feeling crap about yourself read what they put. Cos they are the ones telling the truth. That is how the world sees you, not what shit voice says.
  4. Breathe, yeah we know bloody obvious self care tip! But we mean a proper big breath, not the shallow ones you have probably been doing. We want you to activate those receptors at the bottom of your lungs. The ones that trigger the rest and digest nervous system and get you to relax.
  5. Write on a big piece of paper, post it note or back of envelope if that’s all you have the following words. Be kind to yourself. Then put it anywhere and everywhere you can see it. It is a reminder that is what you need to do. Look at the words and repeat them out loud.
  6. Pick up a stone or crystal and spend a few minutes, look at it, feel it, notice how it feels, the texture etc. This again is very therapeutic for the mind and nervous system.
  7. Do some colouring or doodling. You don’t need a colouring book unless you have one. Get a bit of paper, pencil and scribble a on the paper. Then colour in the portions of the squiggle.
  8. Sing or dance, stick your favourite tune on and create a kitchen disco. Or sing in your chair, as loud as you can. Music and dancing are amazing for the soul and your wellbeing.
  9. Spend time outside if you can. You don’t have to go far, even sticking your head out of the window will be enough. Nature has the ability to be able to bring down your nervous system and bring calm to your mind and body. We love this self care tip
  10. Take 5: 5 mins to sit & embrace your 5 senses, see, smell, hear, touch, feel. Take a minute looking around at what you can see. A minute concentrating on the smells around you. A minute listening to what you can hear. A minute touching something in your reach & really feeling the smoothness, toughness, texture of it. Then a minute just sitting & becoming conscious of how you are feeling & calming yourself, embracing the moment. A great way of taking 5 minutes to yourself, even if you have to lock yourself in the toilet to get the peace to do it & not be disturbed.

These self care tips are easy to do with the need for money and not long periods of time. Taking 5 minutes within a day is something we can all do. We do not need to spend hours trying to meditate if that is not your thing.

Have fun trying these self care tips out and let us know how you get on.

Love Lynne and Tracey xxx