Blow your bloody socks off, I only told you to blow the bloody socks off!! 😊 (Sorry Michael Caine for bastardising your famous quote). This month we would love it if you made your life have a bang. It is firework night on the 5th so why would you not create your own fireworks. Life is very short, even if you think it isn’t. We have not got to our fifties thinking, oh no the last 50 years has really dragged!! It has gone by in a bloody flash, which is why we want to make the most of the next 50 years.

Have you ever wondered why when we watch a firework display,  we all stare in ore and wonder and say oooo and ahhhh? No matter how old you are, we still love the specialness of fireworks. Is it because it takes us back to being a child. Or is it because we only see them once a year. Well most of the time, though they seem a little more frequent these days. There is just something magical about them. Did you know, by the way, you can have your ashes put in fireworks for your family then to set off!! Hahahaha

How about spending November living in ore and wonder that is you. You are as special as fireworks. Each and everyone of us is unique, one in 7.5 billion, so why not celebrate that amazing fact. Does it not blow your bloody socks off how amazing how bodies are? We breathe without thinking, our heart beats without any input from our conscious. We can move our arms and legs without telling them to move. It is an epic feat that we even wake up in the morning.

How about we set you a challenge. Each morning, when you open your eyes, move your arms sideways, either using your elbows first or your hands. If your arms fall out of bed or into something squashy and warm (human or pet) not turd, then you are alive! If you hit something wooden, sorry you lucked out…….you might be dead or just possibly your bedside cabinet got in the way! 😊.

If it was just the bedside cabinet then be even more grateful that you woke up. Be grateful and in ore that you survived another day. Your amazing body kept you going all night so you could wake up and fill the day with wonder. Spend the whole day finding joy in everything and anything. Let the fact that you get water out of a tap, blow your bloody socks off. Feel the wind and rain and know that it is just weather. Live the day like you are seeing things for the first time.

Let everything you encounter make you smile and laugh. Find something to learn and explore that will blow your bloody socks off, fill your hearts desire. We only get one shot at this life, in this body and in this way. We know “the voice” will tell you that you haven’t got time to be playing around like that. How damn stupid to think you can see the world like you haven’t before, we have all seen a blade of grass before! You know what to do with “the voice”, tell it where to go. The voice is a party pooper, it is a killjoy, it does not want you to participate. Be rebellious and do the complete opposite of what it wants you to do, it will make you feel so much better.

Now go blow your bloody socks off superheroes

Love Lynne and Tracey xxx