Comedy duo Morecombe and Wise

Bring me sunshine, in your smile

Bring me laughter, all a while
In this world where we live

There should be more happiness
So much joy you can give to

Each brand new bright tomorrow
Make me happy through the years

Never bring me any tears
Let your arms be as warm

As the sun from up above
Bring me fun, bring me sunshine

Bring me love


This Morecombe and Wise song always makes me smile. It reminds me of being a kid and watching the show. The classic sketches they would do that would make you howl with laughter. And then the dance to this song off the stage. There is nothing like a bit of reminiscence to bring back happy feelings.


Just like there is nothing better than sunshine to make us smile and bring up our moods. But why does it do that? Is it because we can feel the warmth and blue sky? Or is it because it reminds us of days gone by when we used to play in the summer? Either way, there are not many people who don’t say “oh it is so lovely to see the sunshine”. I think it almost always instigates a bit of play time for us. Chatting in the garden with friends with a glass of something. Longer evenings giving you time after work to have down time and enjoy what is left of the day.


As creatures we are so influenced by the weather we experience. Melatonin and Serotonin levels are changed with the amount of daylight and sunshine we are exposed to. However, I also think there is a huge part of our “Britishness” that means we all play a role around the weather. I sent a fb post to my friend in America the other day all about what British people say. Saying to her, this is for you in case you miss British people. One of the sentences was how British people talk about the weather! She came back to me and said “I say most of those!”


But talking about the weather and our moods being influenced by the weather, is just a role. A role we have learnt to play since we were tiny. Though I am not sure anyone I know actually had a lesson, in school or at home on how to talk about the weather! We just do it naturally, without thinking. We moan when it rains and our moods lifts when it is sunny. So much so, shorts are out at the slightest glimmer of sunshine.


The thing is though, the sunshine is ALWAYS there. It never ever disappears, as we would be in a whole heap of mess if it did. Even when it is tipping it down, the sun is still there, just hiding behind the clouds. Deep down we know it is there, even when we don’t see it. And deep down we know we can choose to see it if we want.


Perhaps we need to look at the “British” role we play when it comes to seeing the sun. Maybe we ought to challenge ourselves to find the sun on the gloomy days. Rather than moaning like we usually do. Especially this month, with it being the Queens Jubliee. Many of us will be playing a very British role in celebrating that historic event. And I am sure in ways that only British people can. But whatever you choose to do or don’t, find the sunshine in the day even it is raining cats and dogs!


Happy June beautiful folks.


Love Lynne


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