Fun, the answer to all our problems? Some of you would agree and some would not. But in my experience the former is the best solution. There is a saying in the world of BC and it is “Fun Fucks Fear!” (no apologies for the f bomb). And I am not going to lie it does, in so many ways. Fun is the complete opposite of fear or any other negative emotions or belief. The script hates it when we give it the exact opposite of what it tells us we need. It is the one thing that shuts it up quickly, it then usually storms off and sulks like a told off 5 year old! Which to be honest is even funnier.child not having fun fun ghosts

Life is far too short to be serious for too long. You are a long time dead and then you ain’t having any fun. Or are you? Cos I do not know about the rest of you, but I plan in keeping this fun lark going long after I have emigrated. Just so I can wind my sons up and freak them out.

We often do not have fun because the script would have us believe that fun is exclusive for children. Grown ups, who wants to be a grown up by the way, I tried it once and it sucked. They do not do fun, they are serious, they have proper jobs and spend each day earning money and taking care of others. You know why this happens? It is because the script tells us that this is what is done. It tells us fun is limited to Christmas and those other occasions when it is permitted. What a load of old tosh.

Watching someone else having fun, gives you permission to have fun too. Fun is infectious, like smiling and laughing. As adults the script tells us we need a reason to have fun or laugh. Why? No-one needs a reason, fun is free and readily available to those who want it. Whatever your version of fun is, if it works for you, then do it.

Find your inner child and let is free:

fun in puddles

Splash in puddles
Dance like no one is watching (and then don’t care if someone does)
Laugh for no reason
Spend time with people who bring the fun out in you
Do the daftest thing you can think off and just do it

 Do you know what, as I am writing this blog, I have got my headphones on listening to music. A track I love has just come on and I have got up and danced around my room like a loon. Do I care if some sees me? Do I hell, they can watch me, because you know what it might actually put a smile on their face for the day. Then my job is done, I have made someone else smile and maybe, just maybe they might go and dance too without worrying what anyone else says.

If you haven’t watched any of our videos (why not by the way?!) you will know that Tracey had Ta’Dah moments for Christmas from me. It was a way of creating more fun in our lives. Putting fun in that sausage machine. Now clearly bah humbug COVID is the ultimate party pooper and decided to pee on our parade. So, we have been trying to replicate some of these moments in videos for you to watch.

Below is a link to our Instagram page where we did a live video one evening. If you do one thing please watch this video. You will see that we had fun and really did not mind that we were live with you amazing people. After we did that video I had a friend come to me and say, I wish I could do that. I wish I could be that daft and not worry about it. But you both make me laugh so much by doing it. My heart sank and uplifted at the same time. It sank for her, because I have been there but uplifted that she watched it and had fun along with us.

And if you can have fun with us, just because you are laughing at us. Then our job is done and one day you will realise that the script is telling you cannot have fun, not you, the real you. The real you, would say fuck it, lets do it.

Have the most awesome month you gorgeous lot. Watch out for a Ta’Dah moment this month and any other videos of daftness. Heaven knows what we will get up to, we are winging this thing.


Love Lynne xxx