Holding out for a hero, who is that hero?  You know, the song by Bonnie Tyler. Are you doing that? You holding out for a hero to come and sweep you off your feet and make it all better? Well do you know what, that hero is already there, waiting for you. That amazing knight in shining amour is ready to make it all right. To wave the magic wand and give you the best life possible. And that hero is YOU. YES YOU!!

Now I know, the script/negative voice as just gone into overdrive and said, yeah it is easy for her to say that. She is talking out her arse again, how can I be my own hero, it does not work like that. How can I save myself when I do not have a clue where to even start!

The first point is to understand that you do not need saving! Ok, I can hear that voice again, say, of course I need saving, my life is shit. I feel shit about myself, I am my own worse enemy.  I need a hero to save me from myself more than anything else! But you do not need saving, rescuing or fixing. Because you are not stranded or broken. You are feckin amazing just as you are.

You do not need anyone else to make things better, unless it is either me or Tracey to tell you this stuff and then of course you need us lol!  The capacity is within you to make yourself feel amazing everyday. To be that perfect 10/10 every minute of everyday if you choose to be.

We all have that hero within us, that cape wearing superhero, who can do anything and be anything. The more we learn that, the more you realise that everything is possible. And that we do not need fixing or saving. The script tells us we are broken, and we are not the script. We are separate, we are always that superhero even when we are believing what the script says to us. Our hero status does not go away just because we spend hours, days or weeks listening to the script. It is always there ready and waiting to show you how amazing you are. Ready for you to believe that you are the hero and that you can truly do anything you want to.

Think about it, you watch the movies about the superheroes and who does not love a superhero. For me it was always Wonder Woman, I loved watching Linda Carter whizz around and change clothes. I also loved the old Batman and Robin series, especially with Catwoman. It was someone to admire, someone to look up to and wish you could be like them. They could do anything and be anything and they were two different people.

We are the same, we are two different people all the time. The script is our Clarke Kent persona and the real us is the Superman persona. Except we have a habit of only showing our Superman persona to help others in trouble. It does not seem to show up when WE are in trouble does it! It has run for the hills, never to be seen again. Remember though, Clarke Kent does not turn into Superman, he is always Superman, he just covers him with ordinary clothes. If that works for Superman, it works for us.

But the thing is, it is still there, our capes are still hiding underneath our everyday clothes. All we need to do is to whizz around or find a phone box and that superhero will emerge. That hero within us takes centre stage and we can do and be anything we choose. It is about believing that you are able to find your super powers for you and not just for others. You can believe that and anything that tells you that you cannot is the script plain and simple.

You are the most important person, you have every right to be the hero for you first and foremost. We are all superheroes, some more closet than others, but still a hero nonetheless.

So fellow superheroes, go find those capes and put them on. Stand tall with your chest out and hands on your hips and claim your hero status.


Love Lynne xxx

Here is a little video to put a smile on your face. xxx