Let’s celebrate your weird, because being weird is truly amazing. Being you is truly incredible and if being weird is that, then celebrate it, step into it and love it.

We are all different, are all unique. We are one in 7.5 billion, there is only one of us in that entire population. How fecking amazing is that, seriously, there is only one of us in that number of people! So, if that is the case, then we are not like anyone else, even if we think we are. Or if we think we should be, we shouldn’t be. Because we cannot be like anyone else, there is only one of us in the entire world.

What does weird mean to you?

Does that mean your clothes, music you listen to, the way you behave, what you like or don’t? For many years I have been called weird and witchy. I have never been sure if it was meant as a compliment or insult! For a long time, I took it as an insult, that I was a freak and to be feared almost. This was all because of certain abilities I have through my work. By nature I am a healer, my hands can work magic at times and that freaks people out! I also believe in certain things. Hence me being all kinds of weird.

Do you hide your weird?

I did for many years, I would not openly talk about my beliefs and what I thought. If people knew what I really believed they would run for the hills like their life depended on it! That would of just added to the whole weird vibe I give off. Lol. So, I kept quiet, if I thought people would understand I would talk a little. But only if they ever started the conversation and not me.

What about now?

Well, not a chance in hell that I hide my weird. I am open with it, take me as you find me. I no longer worry about what others think, that is their problem. Openly I will talk about my beliefs in spirits, talking to them. Pagan lifestyles, alternative medicine, healing in all forms. Come in and talk to me about it, tell me I am weird and witchy. I will reply with a hell yeah I am. Loud and Proud witchy and weird in all its forms. I am who I am, in all its technicolour glory.

You can do the same………..

Everyone is able to celebrate their weird. We are allowed to stand proud of who we are, what we believe, what we choose to do with our lives. I know it takes some confidence to be able to do it. It is only the negative voice that will tell you that you cannot do it.

The key is finding your tribe…………..

Find those people who love the things you do. Those who will celebrate your weird with you. You love you for you and do not judge or question your weird. Here is a little story.  A few weeks ago I went to a concert for a band/singer I had never really heard off. I went with Tracey and her daughter, her daughter loves this band. And I am always up for listening to something new. This concert blew me away, not only for the music but the fans and the young singer.

The fans were dressed amazingly and there were not fazed by looking “different”. The singer celebrates his “weird” and actively encourages all his fans to do the same. It was truly incredible to hear a 24 year old talk this way and to see a genuine love for his fans. I am linking a video here for you to watch from the concert…….warning strong language alert.


Go celebrate your weird, love it, embrace it, put it out there.


Love and hugs Lynne