Sharing is caring and benefits the soul. We have all heard the saying sharing is caring but usually in an oversharing kind of way. But we are not talking about that kind of sharing. We are talking about the kind of sharing that involves giving to others. Sharing your time, sharing your gifts, sharing your amazing, beautiful light. The light that lives and shines within you.

You cannot live on this planet and not heard about the benefits of being kind and sharing with others. It is everywhere and there is a reason for that, and it is because it is true. Sharing and being kind to others increases our oxytocin levels. Which is known as the feel-good hormone, or the love/cuddle hormone. It makes us feel all fluffy and gives us a good sense of wellbeing. What is not to love about that.

Sharing does not have to be massive acts. It can be as small as sharing your lovely smile with someone as you walk down the street. Sharing a compliment with someone you work with or know. In person, online or anonymously it really doesn’t matter, just do it.

How about creating a challenge that for 21 days in December you share and be kind to random people. It benefits you both, the person you are sharing with, and yourself.

  • Share a smile
  • Share a compliment
  • Share a hi, how you doing?
  • Share a hug with someone you love
  • Share a pay it forward cup of coffee
  • Share a “I have an hour free today, is there anything I can do or do you want a chat”
  • Share a talent you have with someone, i.e., cooking or gardening etc
  • Share a laugh or joke
  • Share a list of 3 reasons why you are friends with someone and let them know
  • Share a “I love you” who doesn’t hear it very often

Kindness and sharing changes the brain. The brain can be described as a muscle and to keep the kindness part of it in tip top condition, we have to exercise it. By having a regular kindness and sharing practice it keeps this part of our brain working. The more we do, the easier it becomes, a bit like bicep curls. (Like I do bicep curls on a regular basis! Hahahahaha 😊, have you seen my arms?!)

We are wired to be kind “Over millions of years, the ancestral children of parents with “kind” genes were more likely to survive due to be being cared for than children of non-caring parents who did not have these genes. These surviving children were thus born with kind genes themselves, which they inherited from their caring parents and then subsequently passed on to their own children. Who were also genetically inclined to care for their children and so on. Nature “selects” kind genes because they are most conductive to survival.” The Little Book of Kindness. Dr David Hamilton.

See so, we are genetically kind people and we didn’t even know it. In fact as prove this morning as I was driving to work, I witnessed an act of kindness in action. A lady had clearly fallen, someone was with her, but on the opposite side of the road was a man in high viz clothes walking with his mate. If you looked at him it is not someone you would expect to share his kindness. But he did, he crossed the road and went over to the couple to see if he could help.

And on another occasion, just to disapprove the thoughts that young people do not look out for others. As I was going out of my house, there is a man who lives a few doors down who uses a walker. He was coming out of his gate and appeared to be struggling. I was on my way to see if he was ok but was beaten to it by a young man, no more than aged 20. He was walking past the gate, he stopped, he spoke, and he then shared his time to walk up to the local shops with this complete stranger to make sure he was ok. I took no part in this interaction, but just witnessing it made me smile all day.

You can do the same.

Sharing is caring for yourself and others.

Love Lynne