Shine bright like a diamond, now I know, if you are anything like me, you will have those words from the Rhianna song going around in your head. After the first couple of lines of the song she says “I choose to be happy”. What an amazing choice to make for her and for all of us. We all have that ability to chose to shine and be happy whenever we want. It is only the script that tells us different.

Lots of people struggle with shining like stars or diamonds. They would much rather dull their shine, so people cannot see them. So, they do not stand out in a crowd or get noticed. They quieten down who they really are or who they really want to be. I was one of those people. The one that would stand at the edge of the room watching, yup that was me. Never speaking to someone first, yup that was me. I would semi shine by always smiling to people and saying hello if they looked my way or spoke first. But go full on shine, good god no, my worst nightmare!

Why? Because the script told me I was not worth listening to or speaking to. And there was no way on this earth you were confident enough to go and speak to someone first. Why the hell would they want to speak to you anyway! So, because I listened to that, my shine, the real me was left dull and murky at the edge of life. Always just hoping that no-one would notice me there and I could go about my life in the shadows. Dull, lifeless and existing. It is not what the real me wanted though. She wanted full on, spotlight, hello I am over here. She knew she was worthy and that her shine could help others find theirs.

Learning about the script taught me that to shine not only is good for us individually but so good for other people too. You see if we have the ability to be happy to shine then that gives other permission to do it too. And it spreads like those ripples when you plop a pebble in water. And to paraphrase my coach Liz Ivory, you are not just rolling a shit in glitter either. When you understand the script and what it does, you get to know that you really are worth shining bright like a diamond.

When I was learning to coach about the script we ended up creating a little video to the words of Staying Alive, that was changed to Staying in the light. It was our catchphrase of the week and gave us endless amusement. The reason why………….. because the script cannot exist in the light, it likes the dark. So if we stay in the light, the script loses its power. When I watch that video or here Staying Alive, it instantly makes me smile and know that I need to shine.

Recently I did some coaching with a colleague. We were having a chat some weeks later and she said she had spent a shift being really happy and shining all day. I asked her how other people reacted and she said they were happy too and it was a fab day. Even at the end of the day the person in charge said thank you to her for such a great shift. See what difference one person can make to group of others. If they dare to shine and not worry what others think. Because in reality they are not thinking anything other than, wow how fab is she and her shine is rubbing off on me.

So beautiful people go shine, shine bright like a diamond because you can change the world.

Love and hugs



Could not help but add the Diamonds song xx