Sparkle from the inside out

Sparkle from the inside out means literally that. Sparkle from your heart so the rest of the world can see you. We spend an awful lot of our lives putting a sparkle on the outside. Doing it to make ourselves feel better and often those around us. But doing that is no better than rolling shit in glitter! It covers up the shit and it covers us up from feeling and thinking we are shit.

We feel unworthy if we do not have a full face of make-up. The right clothes need to be worn. You cannot be seen dead wearing the same dress twice to a party! Who decided this BS?! What on earth gave someone the right to decide that we needed to be looking a certain way? Wow, that was a bit ranty lol 😊.

The point we are trying to make is, that it is all just covering! We have to wear clothes because it is deemed the only acceptable thing to do. And in all fairness, we can see why! (There are just some things you do not want to see first thing in the morning in the local supermarket!) Being December too means it would be a tad chilly. Summertime would be dangerous……..imagine sitting on a metal seat!  But does it matter what clothes we wear? They only save us from embarrassment and a burnt arse!

Why do we get so attached to things that we feel make us look good? Because we feel rubbish inside and it is our way of making ourselves feel better. We are afraid to show the real us. No make-up and at our most vulnerable. And that is the key……it makes us feel vulnerable and at the mercy of what others think.

Lynne has never been a big make-up wearer. And has not been adverse to taking the kids to school in her pj’s once or twice (maybe more!) She does insist though she didn’t actually get out of the car at school! Her theory on this is as follows; People are already judging her because of her size, so why bother. Plus she lived in a household where clothes, make up and looking your best was not a high priority. Tracey had a different experience in her life. She wears makeup every day, always looks good. And would not be seen at any school gate in anything looking like pj’s!

Two different people, two different lives,  with two different outlooks. Still the same thoughts going through their heads. It matters what other people think of me. Sparkle well and truly dimmed inside.

So, this December find your sparkle within. The little shiny, tinsel covered human inside you that wants to burst out. The one that wants to dance like no one is watching. Inside all of us, this little person exists, waiting in the wings to be set free. This little us wants to sparkle and be seen for who they really are. They don’t like being shoved away most of the time. Usually only being set free after a few glasses of something……

Let the little you lose on the world, sparkle like the biggest star in the sky. The big and little you deserve it.

Lots of love

Tracey and Lynne



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