Those lazy, hazy days of summer, seem so far away now don’t they. Not that there seems to have been much of a summer in the first place.  And there is nothing more British that moaning about the weather in great detail, hahaha.

But can you still feel the warmth of the sun on your face?

Seriously, imagine it in full glorious colour. Sit and actually feel your skin get warmer as the rays of sun hit your cheek. Even if you are inside and it is pissing down with rain outside.  Imagine that feeling, we have all felt it, on a beautiful summer day. Feel your body soaking up those rays and notice your shoulders dropping and your face relaxing. It is 25 degrees and the air is calm but with a small warm breeze. The sun and all its power is recharging you. The summer is in full swing and you are loving life to the max. Sit in the feeling for a while, let your imagination run wild.

Imagine the sun on your face

Now how did that make you feel?

Be honest, did you love that feeling, could you picture yourself there and actually feel the summer sun on your cheeks? Could you imagine your whole body relaxing and the stress of the day melt away in the warmth of the sun? What you have just done is a really small meditation or visualisation. Ok do not be freaking out right now, I am not chucking lots of woo woo stuff at you.

There is a method in my madness!

Most of us could visualise that feeling, we have felt that feeling hopefully more than once in our lives. We have actually had a summer where that could happen 😊. Now because we have felt those feelings before, we can imagine them. Even if they are not happening at the exact moment we are feeling them. We can re-create that feeling without it actually happening.

That goes for any feeling!

The mind and body does not know the difference between fake and real. You think it would, but it doesn’t. So, we have got the ability to be able to tell our mind and body things that are not real. Think about it, we are all telling ourselves shit about identity all the time, well the negative voice is. It tells us we are ugly, not good enough, not worthy and none of that is true. But is makes us feel those feelings.

So how about reversing the negative voice.

Why don’t we get the voice to shut up and imagine those amazing beautiful feelings. Even if we do not feel it at the time, we can imagine it. We can re-create those feelings anytime and anywhere, no matter what is happening. Our bodies will respond in the appropriate manner because it believes it is true. Remember it does not know the difference between real and fake. We can feel that summer sun on our face and our bodies relax instantly, giving you those serene, amazing feelings of peace and stillness. Even if it is -20, with 6ft of snow.

If we can tell ourselves we are not good enough, we can tell ourselves we are amazing.

The negative voice took time to get us to believe we are not good enough. The real us will also take its time getting us to believe we are amazing. All it takes is a little patience, practice and the knowledge that you are not that negative voice in your head. You are truly amazing.

Now go get some summer sun wherever you are, day or night.


Love and hugs