What is Self-Acceptance and can you have it?  Self-acceptance is the unconditional appreciation and acceptance of oneself. That is a big sentence to say. Have you ever thought about whether you accept yourself as you are. Or are you constantly thinking you should be better, more, stronger, kinder etc etc. I think it would be odds on that it is the latter. It certainly is for the majority of people I have ever spoken to.

Self-acceptance is about recognizing your strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between, without judgment or criticism. Especially judgment from that inner critic who always has to have their say.  It’s acknowledging your inherent worthiness as a human being. We are all worthy just by being here on this planet. It is irrespective of external validations or society “should” have/do/be.

In a world that often bombards us with standards and expectations, the journey to self-acceptance can feel like walking through a live minefield. But amidst the chaos, there is a beautiful pathway to self-acceptance, peace and living the life you would like.

It is so important to foster the art of self-acceptance. It creates the foundation of our own emotional wellness and resilience. Accepting ourselves as we truly are in the moment, warts, flaws and all is the start of our inner peace. It brings contentment, happiness, an inner knowing that you have been through the worse and come out the other side. We become so much more able to work out our own problems. We no longer feel the need for confirmation and validation from those around us.

However, the hard bit is, because it has to start with us. We have to look deep into ourselves to explore what we are not accepting about ourselves. Challenging our limiting beliefs, programming, inner critic by questioning. The stories we have held onto for so many years, are they really true? Getting down deep and dirty can feel daunting, I get it. But stick your wellies on and an old coat and get yourself in there.

Never forget though along this path, be kind to yourself. There is no self beating up to be had thank you. Remember you are human, we all make mistakes. Granted some are fecking great huge ones, but still a mistake. A mentor of mine once said, when he got good at self-acceptance. If anyone questioned the mistake he made, he used to say. “If you think that is bad, I could tell you much worse things I have done” And then laugh, because it’s true. Treat yourself like you would your favourite person.

With being kind to yourself, add being grateful to that practice. It creates a lovely haven for self-acceptance. Be grateful for the little things, you have done, you have, you can see, hear, smell etc. It helps you to see what you have in your life rather than what you don’t!

Embrace imperfection, because perfection does not exist! No-one on this planet is perfect, no matter what you might think. Self-acceptance means loving (or just liking, maybe even just tolerating) who you are, as you are. Whatever that looks like for you. Flaws, warts, big arse, bingo wings who gives a toss. There is no-one else on this planet like you, so be happy being you, beautifully human.

Heads up this is not going to be completed in your lifetime. It is a constant pathway that evolves and meanders it’s way through your life. Go with the flow, enjoy it, even when it is difficult. Practicing self-acceptance is the key to such a different life. A life where you are in control and write the narrative.

“We are all flawed humans, and that’s ok” – Paul Cope

 Love Lynne xxx

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