What we can do for you

Our work is based around helping you to accept that we are all flawed humans.

Wake Up & stop listening to the bollux your head tells you

Understanding the bulls**t stories we tell ourselves

Learn to believe that you are feckin awesome

How to change the language we use, and not the sweary kind!

Become someone who credits themselves for the good shit

Notice that you have a choice how to feel

Help YOU accept your flawed self

  • In person courses

  • Live chatting Bollux n Bull events/workshops

  • One to One guidance

  • Podcast membership on Patreon

You can email us for more details on lynnentracey@bolluxnbull.com or message us through our facebook page. Head over to our socials page to find us. 

"Sometimes we feel crap about ourselves and that's ok"

Paul Cope 

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