When did life get so bloody serious? I have realised the past few days, probably around a week or so life has got too serious for my liking! In all honesty it has been a little bit of a tough few months. I have spent a lot of time working through some quite heavy emotional shizzle. And that appears to have taken over my life somewhat.

Me and Tracey had a conversation the other day and how we were not practicing what we were preaching. We are big on having fun when we are talking in our group and page. We try to show that as much as we can. However, we are not doing it enough for ourselves or for others. We are being serious and doing what we have to, but that is about it. What the f**k is that all about?! Why is that happening, why have we not noticed it happening?

Do you not what hammered it home even more? In this same week that we had this conversation two other things happened to give me a kick up the arse. Firstly an email popped in my inbox from Paul Cope. He had sent a link to his latest podcast edition, he hadn’t done one for a while. So as I was doing some admin work, I popped it on in the background. OMFG, I listened and was blown away, it was like he was speaking to me directly. I even sent Tracey a message to say you HAVE to listen to this, he was listening to us the other day! Here is the link if you want to listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKMEYIAu8mc&t=2s

The second thing that happened was from a completely different source and unexpected. Last night (as I write this) I went to a mediumship demonstration with Tracey at a local club in Taunton. I have never seen this women before, heard of her but not seen her. She was giving messages to lots of people all around. If you believe in this stuff or not, it doesn’t matter (I do by the way). But, when you go to these things you have usually a specific person you would like to connect with.

Well, that did not happen to me. I would of loved either of my parents or grandparents to come through. Nope, not for me, my recently deceased Father In Law turned up! The man who had in the past not had a good word to say about me!! The man who stopped talking to me for 9 months when I fell pregnant for my eldest because we were not married! He rocks up and I was a bit tetchy lol! But when the man who I didn’t see laugh in 30 years tell me that I was taking life to serious just lately! I have no choice but to listen.

If he thinks my life is too serious, then bugger me, it must of got bad! He also told me he was fond of me, which for him was a big thing! It was a very quick message, but queue kick up the arse given!

So serious life is going to be told to sod off and lots more of fun and laughter will ensue. We all experience some serious parts in our lives but we must never forget that fun needs to part of it too. Fun makes us feel light. Fun makes us feel happy. Fun needs to be much more prevalent in all our lives.

Go make some fun folks and let us know about it. Cos we are going to be sharing some more over the next few months. Here is the link for a blog about fun I wrote about last year. Take a gander.


Love and hugs

Lynne xxx