When life does not go according to plan, happens to us all. We have all been there and got the t-shirt. We plan our lives to military precision sometimes and then the universe decides to chuck in a curve ball. Which then halts all plans and sends us off down the path we least expected.

With all the will in the world we cannot plan for every eventuality no matter how hard we try. To plan with that much detail helps us believe we have some control of our lives. That we are the ones with a grip on the world and what happens. However, I believe that as much as we would like to think that. There is another force/person/spirit/energy whatever you want or choose to call it, that has other ideas.

Being in control and to plan everything gives us security. But it is the script that is giving us the insecurity in the first place. That negative voice will tell you that you need to plan for everything. You HAVE to be in control of what is going on, otherwise disaster will strike. And you will never cope with disaster should it happen. But what if you can cope, what would happen if you didn’t plan in every minute detail?!

Would your whole world fall apart?
Could you function each and every day if you just went with the flow for a bit?

I have got to admit that it makes me a bit twitchy! Tracey and I plan our social media, newsletters etc well in advance. This month it didn’t happen because December got away with us. And whilst during December I didn’t think about the planning. When it came to January and we had nothing, my bum did wince a little. The voice has been telling me that we will lose everyone because we have gone rogue!! Seriously, how damn daft is that, that I still believe the voice. But because it is business it manages to filter its way in, the blighter.

So, in order to shut the bugger up, we are going spontaneous for the month. We will do what we want for the month and randomly pop up here and there. Which got me to thinking, why don’t we do this in life a bit more. Perhaps we should stop planning our lives to the tee and just go wild for a week or two. See how that works out, see if it stops the voice getting all twitchy. Plan the bits you need to like work etc, but leave the rest and see what happens.

Take those random walks, if a friend messages you say yes. Don’t wait to see what else you have got planned, just say yes and go. Wake up in the morning and see what happens or you feel like doing. Walk out your front door and see where you end up, taking in the views and surroundings as you go. Anything that is just not planned. It is often these times that we find the most joy in things.

So, I for one am going to stop getting twitchy about not having a plan for the business this month. I am going to see what happens and go from there. If the voice starts, it will be told in no uncertain terms where to go!

Happy January folks.

Lynne xx

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