You CAN be awesome.

Are you awesome? are you really awesome? Is that the words you say to yourself? I bet it is, because that’s what we use to say to ourselves…every single fricking day! Because back then we were just simply looking in the wrong place with the wrong level of consciousness at ourselves.

We are all awesome, every single day of our lives, we just don’t realise it!! How amazing is that!!?

What makes us awesome is our superpower, you see we all have one, ok it might not be being able to fly in the sky or shooting down villains with webs shooting out our wrists but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a super power. We call you all superheroes because you are, you just don’t realise it sometimes.

You see a superpower can come from our consciousness, from the level we are conscious at, we all have something we are good at, even excel at sometimes, but knowing we are simply an amazing human being is our superpower, our unique selves like no one else out there, because there is only one of us, that’s our superpower.

Through generations we are programmed to doubt our abilities, our capabilities & our worthiness but when you realise those powers & love yourself for them, that’s when you realise your superpower.

When you can raise your level of consciousness to accept yourself exactly how you are, realise how worthy & perfect you are, & when I say perfect I mean that warts & all, the good, the bad & the ugly, the bits you are proud of & also the bits you’d rather forget about, that’s when you realise your awesomeness. Yes I know we also have what we call our weak spots, they are also superpowers, they are our sensitive superpowers & we need to show them too, just like Superman’s ‘weak spot’ is Kryptonite that sometimes drains his strengths we have them too……and that’s OK!

You don’t need the approval of others, once you approve of yourself, once you understand why you are here, the contributions to this world that being here brings & how amazing your journey is & has been you can see your superpower, that beautiful shining light in the world….now that is a real superpower!

So don’t doubt yourself or compare yourself to others, remember we are all our own uniqueness, we are all different, we all bring different qualities into this world, different superpowers.

So know your superpower…. feel it…. by that I mean finding your superpower is when you feel it in your heart not think it in your head, after all sometimes its not the real us doing the thinking is it!….then celebrate yourself, shout out loud, be proud, be out of control dancing with yourself and everyday look in that mirror at YOU & tell yourself YOU ARE AWESOME but more than that, believe what you are telling yourself, that’s your superpower.

Get out there & show the world the superstar YOU ARE.


Just keep shining…. Tracey

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