You know that voice, that voice that sits in your head or on one of your shoulders. Yeah, come on you know the one, the one that tells you all sorts of negative things:

  • I am ugly
  • I am fat
  • I am stupid
  • I am horrible
  • I am un-lovable

The list could go on and on and it does. Well shall I tell you something, WE ALL HAVE a voice, yup, all of us. Me included and mine was a particularly nasty little bugger, want to know what mine told me:

  • I am evil
  • I am a child abuser
  • I am fake and people will find me out

Can you believe that went around in my head?! Well I can because it did and do you know what, no-one and I mean no-one knew that is what it was telling me. Possibly the exception of my husband when I would let it slip very occasionally when I was really down or upset. But, he didn’t know the whole truth, not in its full capacity. He never knew that I honestly thought that I was a bad person, that I was not the kind person everyone thought I was.

See, now when I say this or actually write it down now, it sounds daft, but I really thought that person was me.

But do you know what the awesome thing is that the ‘voice’ that little blighter that resides in your head or on your shoulder IT IS NOT ACUTALLY YOU!!

No seriously, that voice is not you, trust me I am not talking rubbish, IT IS NOT YOU. Now I know you are going to think that of course it is me. It is my voice in my head that is telling me things. Of course it is me, that is what people have told me all my life. If everyone tells me it, then it has to be the truth.

I am calling you out on this……..Bulls**t. I now know for a fact that voice was not me and never was. And your voice is not you, never was and never will be, despite what you may think.

That voice is part of what I now know called ‘The Script’. It is part of pages and pages and pages we collect everyday from our environment, behaviours, work, life, family, generations and generations of the same behaviours passed down. Over years and years we collect this script and it tells us how to behave, what to believe and how we view ourselves.

Think about little kids, 3 or 4 years old, they really don’t give a monkeys what people think of them do they. They are loving life, dancing, singing, telling life as it is, laughing at absolutely nothing. You know what, we are still those 3 or 4 years old, the script just tells us we can’t behave that way.

Can you see though, ‘The script’ has told us to behave in a different manner, you didn’t tell yourself did you? Given a choice what would you do?

  • Have fun, laugh, enjoy life


  • Feel low, feel bad about yourself, hear you are ugly etc

I know when I was given that option, of course I chose the fun, laughter and enjoy life. I got a feeling most people would, not come across anyone yet who would choose differently. So the best way to look at is like this……………If it doesn’t make you feel good then it is the script choosing, if you feel great then the REAL you is choosing.

You have that option, seriously you really really do have the choice. Just think how amazing life would be to in control of that decision making, how incredible life would be let go of the script and the voice, to turn life around and control it rather it control you.

I promise you, you do. Love and hugs xxx